MarketPress order confirm button not showing

So i believe i found the problem which i had not yet found in my previous post. Using marketpress ecommerce plugin on a single wp installation with paypal express checkout connected to my paypal merchant account.

The problem i was having was when testing the checkout process my tester would check out all the way through paypal and then i would not actually receive the money or see the order in the orders panel.

So upon doing another test my tester took a screen shot of what is causing this. After the customer is sent to paypal and then makes it back to the site, on the confirm page. It says "click the Confirm Payment button", however there is NO "Confirm Payment" button, which makes it impossible for the customer to go forward after that point.

My experience so far with has been awesome and i would really appreciate some help getting this figured out, as i need this to work to launch the site.

I will attach a screenshot below. Thank you.