MarketPress Order Status Link in Confirmation Email Doesn't Find Order


I am using the MarketPress plugin and notice that the order status link in the confirmation email does not work correctly if you are not logged in. I was logged in using an administrator id on the site and when I clicked the Order status link in the confirmation email it worked. I could see the order I just made.

Example order status link

Once I log out of the site and click on the link again and receive the error:
"Oops! We couldn't locate any orders matching that order number. Please verify the order number and try again."

In some cases users would be completing the order as "Guest" and would not be logged in. I feel the order status should work regardless. Is there something that I am missing?



  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @hoangker

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Currently the logic is, when you buy as guest, you can check the order status as guest. If you buy as a logged in user, you can check the status only when you are logged in.

    Though, I am marking this as a feature request to make the order status open for all.


  • Nathan Onn
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    For guest user, there is really no way to identify whether that order is belongs to that particular user. So, the way MarketPress works is to store those order id into the guest user's browser cookies once they've completed the purchase, and when that particular user re-visit the order status page again, the system can identify he / she as the owner of that order.

    However, if the user clear out his/her browser cookies, then there is really no way for the system to identify whether the one that accessing the order status is the owner of that order.

    So, unless you want to make all order status to be visible publicly (which is not recommended), I think the best way right now is to force all the user to sign up for an account first before checkout. That way they can check the status when they're logging in.

    Hope my explanation make sense to you.

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