Marketpress Pagination

Hi all,

OK Ive been working with Marketpress a bit and I must confess to being a bit down on it.

The main bug bare Ive had today is trying to paginate a list of products. I have a very specific and custom setup so require it to work a certain way. All I need is the homepage of a subsite to list all the products. So I made my homepage and thought Id use shortcodes first of all. There is after all options which should paginate the product list....but with further reading it seems the pagination doesnt work for shortcodes....which makes me wonder why its an it only tied into categories? Seems a tad unflexible.

OK so then I thought using the mp_list_products function in the template would work. Erm no, I looked at all the support threads, the gridmarket theme and tried a variety of array calls etc and nothing worked. I found this annoying as Im generally pretty good with this kinda stuff.

The closest I got was to install WP Pagenavi but it didnt work right, it displayed the number of pages fine but got stuck on page 2 and always displayed like it was on page 1.

Why isnt there an easy way to do this, either by a simple function call in the template or via the shortcode. It seems like half the work is already done for the shortcode as it has the options but apparently not for the main product list.

Humf, I do find MP quite difficult to develop for I have to say.