MarketPress Pagination for Custom Twenty Twelve Theme

Hey Everyone,

I've searched far and wide and this so far is the best Wordpress simple solution for an eCommerce website. Everything so far is/has been perfect with the setup, added a few products, tested the cart, etc. No snags. However, now that all that process is in place, I've hit one roadblock. Pagination. I have it set to be on in the Store Settings and have it set for 10 products. I have, on my page, [mp_list_products category="books"] and it's displaying my books category. So I noticed pagination wasn't working so I tested everyone elses theory on pagination="true" and page="1" as well as per_page="10". Seems that the control is working as far as items displaying, ASC or DESC...but pagination won't show up. Any ideas as towards why? Here is a link to the page:

This would be the ONLY negative to an already stellar plugin.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!