Marketpress Pagination for Shortcodes


I know that the shortcodes are meant to show only a small sub-section of products in Marketpress. But even if that is the case, what if I wanted to give customers the option to sort by price? Then I want to give the option to sort by name, and another option for sort by date listed. Right now, I'm forced to give them only one of these options by default because the option is set in the settings admin.

One way around this is to create separate pages using shortcodes. I have a "Latest items" page using the shortcode. But there's no pagination for shortcodes, so I'm either left with a really long list of products or simply not showing all the items sorted by date.

Another solution would be to allow customers the option to choose how to sort items. If you take a look at wp e-commerce gold cart, they allow customers to choose to display a product list or grid And the option to sort based on price, name, date, etc.

Can we have a feature like this or similar?