MarketPress, Paypal Business, and Taxes

Hello :slight_smile: I searched the forums, but couldn’t find an answer to my problem. One came really close, but no cigar.

So MarketPress is working really well on a site that’s about to go live, but I *just* noticed that taxes are not being applied to the Paypal process. The cart, itself, is figuring up the taxes just fine, but it’s not adding the tax to the total.

As an example, the test product is $49.95. We have it set up to apply taxes to downloadable products, using the base rate (which is 4%). So on the checkout page, it’s showing the item price at $49.95 (correct), the tax amount at $1.92 (which is actually incorrect – 4% of $49.95 is actually $1.998), and it shows the total being passed to Paypal as $49.95 (incorrect – it should be $51.87, if using the amount MarketPress is calculating. The actual correct amount should be $51.95)

The payment is going through just fine, process going smoothly through the sandbox. But it’s just not adding the base tax amount to the total. it’s *showing* it, but you’re just paying the base $49.95 price through Paypal.

Anyone know what might be going on?