marketpress paypal chain payments application questions

I received this response for my application on

Thank you for your submission. In reviewing your application, we have several questions regarding the functionality and information provided in your application.
1) If using a chain payment API, who is the primary receiver/merchant of record (MOR)?
2) Who will pay the PayPal transaction fees?
3) I am unable to complete a test payment flow using PayPal. Please provide the test accounts/credentials needed or a sample product that allows me to complete a test transaction. Your Adaptive Payments test URL should point to our sandbox and allow me to complete a PayPal transaction.
4) Do you have a posted refund policy? If you do not provide refunds or they are the responsibility of others, please indicate this on your site.
5) Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy publicly available? If not, you can use PayPal's ( However one must be posted.
6) Per PayPal’s branding requirements mentioned in the Developer’s Agreement (, please use PayPal’s buttons on your payment page. To create PayPal button, please login to and click the “merchant services” tab.
7) What is your average selling price and estimated monthly volume? We know your business may be new but we require your best guess to complete our review.
8) Do you monitor for content that violates PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy? If so, how? Thank you, Rigo Rodriguez, PayPal, Inc

I don't understand how to answer many of these questions. I thought marketpress was already approved? please help as taking a percentage of the sale was the reason I purchased Marketpress