marketpress paypal checkout question

Hello, When I checkout, and select paypal, it gives only two options:
1. login to paypal
2. create a paypal account

I asked paypal how can i set it up so that a customer on my site does NOT have to create a paypal account in order to submit their order... They replied:

<quote>Your website is currently using Express Checkout which by default requires a PayPal account. This default behavior can be changed if your site changes one piece of information that is sent to PayPal. Your site will need to send the following variable to PayPal to allow customers to not have to sign up for an account.


This the solutiontype variable set to Sole your customers will not be required to open an account.

So, is it possible to send that one extra line to paypal? and if so, can anyone tell me how :slight_smile:
please. :slight_smile: I just dont want to make a customer have to create a paypal account.

thanks :slight_smile: