Marketpress Paypal Express failing on multisite installation

I have a multisite installation with Marketpress running. ALL of these stores are running from the one plugin

Transactions via Paypal Express (the only gateway) are failing on and and possibly

However, payments are not failing on

What the failure looks like:
Checkout takes customer to Paypal, customer enters all details payment appears to complete successfully but then no order is received and no payment is recorded either in Marketpress or Paypal.

I would generally expect this to fail also in as this is exactly the same setup and installation, but sales are working there fine.

This one has me stumped, and I'd really appreciate some urgent help on this please.

All plugins at the current version. Running 3.6 although this may have been happening for some time, prior to 3.6 installation.

  • aristath
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    Hello there @jameswilliams90, I hope you're well today!

    Is there anything different in the site?
    Any caching plugins installed?
    Is the configuration different?
    Have you checked the PayPal configuration on the other sites?

    Is the MarketPress plugin network-activated, or do you activate it on a per-site basis?

    Please advise,

  • jameswilliams90
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    Hi Ari

    I'm good thanks. I hope you're doing okay too.

    Yes there are some different plugins installed, but as far as I am aware, nothing has been changed since the problems started occurring. Last effective sale on affected site was 17/7.

    Paypal configuration on (failing site) has been confirmed with Quality Products (working site). I have tested with exactly the same configuration and it fails.

    Marketpress is not network activated, as some sites in the network do not require a store.


  • aristath
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    I'm afraid I'll have to take a closer look at your installation to figure out what's going on...

    Can you send me your admin credentials please?
    - Send an email using our secure contact form on
    - Select "I have a different question" from the dropdown
    - On the subject enter "Attn: aristath". This way I'll be automatically notified as soon as you send the email
    - Include the URL of this post in your message so that I may track this issue better
    - Include a link to your website
    - Include your superadmin credentials (username + password)


  • jameswilliams90
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    Additional info:

    The plugins installed on the failing site are:

    - Akismet
    - Auto tags
    - Contact Form 7
    - Really Simple CAPTCHA
    - Facebook Like Box
    - Marketpress
    - MP Custom Shipping Form
    - Popover plugin
    - Ultimate Branding
    - Youtube Simple Gallery

    All of these are also on the working site, except Youtube Simple Gallery. However this plugin was installed over a year ago and worked on all sites.

  • jameswilliams90
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    I have been able to install WooCommerce in the meantime which is working perfectly. Here's the thing, you've lost the opportunity to find and fix a real issue on multisite installations and you've lost my confidence in WPMUDEV. This is not the great support that James Farmer talks about all over the WWW.

  • aristath
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    4 days ago, I posted this: Did you select "I have a different question" from the dropdown in the contact form? That's the only way your message will be sent privately as an email...
    That never happened and I never got any email with your details!

    I just checked the company emails. Last time you contacted us via email was March 10! Since then we have no emails from you! So either the form was incorrectly submitted, or for some other mysterious reason, it failed.

    This IS the support that James is talking about... but I can't really support you when I didn't get the details that you requested!

    I'm glad that in the meantime you found a solution to your issue. But please... don't blame WPMU-DEV Support because your email never got to us and thus we couldn't help you.


  • jameswilliams90
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    Hi Ari,

    I'm not going to get into a he said, he said on this.

    I definitely went back and selected the "I have a different question", immediately after I posted incorrectly. So mysteriously WPMU must have a problem because that message didn't reach you.

    I admit I didn't send you another message to tell you that you had a message. That just seems like double handling. Having worked in support for 10 years and having been a manager for 7 of those years, I incorrectly assumed that if you were handling the issue and you were expecting a direct message you might have looked for it. I responded within 10 minutes of your request to the correct channel.

    Just to be really clear: I did exactly as you requested by sending a private message, by the form you told me to.

    I appreciate there may have been a failure of some system, or a process but at the end of the day I am a paying customer, I sent you the information you requested by the channel you requested within 10 minutes of the request and I didn't any support on a live issue that was causing a loss of sales revenue. Why shouldn't I be at least somewhat frustrated?

  • aristath
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    Obviously it was some kind of failure...
    I checked 2 days ago and then again today.
    I searched both using the thread URL, and then by visiting your account on our corporate emailing system.
    When I searched using the URL of this thread I found no results (1st screenshot) and when I looked at your account I could only see 1 communication (2nd screenshot).
    Please forgive us if the level of our services did not live up to your expectations, but we get a lot of people saying "yes, I will send you the details" and then they never do. Sometimes because they manage to resolve the issue on their own, some other times because they forget, they don't have the time or whatever other reason.
    It is not an uncommon scenario so it made no impression to me that I did not receive your email.

    I am trully sorry for your inconvenience.


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