Marketpress - Per-Product Wholesale Prices


I'm not sure what the status is in regard to wholesale pricing in Marketpress - I've seen a few posts mention it but nothing concrete about whether it will appear in the future.

I've got a client who would need to enter a wholesale price against each product (similar to the way sale prices are handled).

This would need to work for product pricing and variant pricing.

The wholesale prices would be used for a logged in user, depending on user role, or a "wholesale customer" check box.

Essentially there would be one cart, just different price options at the product level.

Hopefully that makes sense?


  • aecnu

    Greetings Gary,

    Thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated.

    Since I am not the developer of Market Press I have no idea if this feature is in the works or not.

    However, to best serve you I would recommend putting it in as a feature request if it does not already exist using the red banner bottom right corner of the screen labeled "Request a new plugin, theme or service"

    I see that you have indeed posted this in the feature requests area, but in my opinion it would be more effective in the area I mentioned so that it could be voted on by other members as well giving more weight to the request.

    Thanks again for your valuable input.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Saunt Valerian

    As something of a workaround to wholesale pricing, I have a seller who sells both retail and wholesale. To assist him, I built him a second site that links from his retail site that he uses for wholesale pricing, sales and business. Having the second site allows him to have more business to business content instead of writing content directed at consumers.

    Additionally, because some of his wholesale customers are asking for trade credit (order now, but pay later) - I used Ninja Forms to create an order form listing all the products that he is selling via wholesale (I run this in conjunction with MarketPress because his new wholesale clients have to pay upfront). Then, I added wp-invoice to the site (which is not a WPMU dev plugin) so that he can send bills to his clients for their order.

    I use WPMU Dev's Pro-site's plugin to control both of these sites. The retail site is a basic level where we used paypal's chained payments to take 6% of each sale. The wholesale site is a level up in our Pro level, where we made available standard PayPal payment gateways and take no commission. We charged more ($50 month for the pro-level/wholesale site) for access to the non-comission gateway and for the custom build-out to service his trade credit clients. This works for him and us since it is hard for us to justify taking a percentage out of his wholesale transactions (since the margins are smaller).

    If you need to provide a seller the ability to do wholesale pricing, a use case scenario like this one might work for you. I don't think MarketPress needs to be developed in the direction you are looking at because it needs to focus on business to consumer e-commerce in order to stay competitive with the other e-commerce plugins. Trying to be everything for everyone, I think will hurt it more than help it.

  • Gary

    Appreciate the time taken to respond SV!

    I did make a suggestion of running a separate wholesale site, however the client does not want to manage the same items in two places. There is the added complication of needing to somehow synchronise stock control across two systems.

    Given that some of the other ecommerce options (not necessarily plugins) out there do offer wholesale and retail pricing, then it may well be a very useful extension of functionality.

    Essentially you'd be looking at having 3 prices that could be entered - retail, sale, wholesale.

    The prices shown and used would then switch to wholesale if the user is logged in, and their account is wholesale.

    Doesn't seem overly complicated, and could be skipped/ignored easily enough by anyone not needing that.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Gary,

    After reading over these posts this morning an idea flashed into mind about how your client may be able to get this handled with the wholesale side.

    As Saunt Valerian mentioned about having a second site and you had mentioned about inventory control, it came to mind on possibly hard coding the second sites (wholesale) product inventory to the product inventory of the first site in the database which is possible in a MultiSite setup.

    Though my programming skills I admit are not up to doing it myself, this would be an avenue I would pursue and possibly even put it on the WPMU Dev Jobs board.

    I may also see who the really good coders are in the Members and possibly ask them if they may be interested in doing it - for example in my opinion and from dealing with issues Digitsoft (Rob) is one of the best members coders I have ever seen in my year plus with WPMU Dev

    Thank you both for being WPMU Dev Members!

    Cheers, Joe

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