Marketpress: please add ability to customize admin email

I really like Marketpress, but there are a few things I would like to see improved and others have noted them here as well. The main one I wanted to address in this post is to allow the admin to customize what is captured and sent to the admin/store owner when an order is placed.

I switched my client over from PrestaShop to MarketPress because I felt WordPress had better support in general and I really like your plugins. PrestaShop does offer some really nice options for email to the customer as well as to the Admin/shop owner with lots of information.

I know the developer thought on this is probably that they should just log in to get the info, but consider store owners who have a busy shop with employees of varying technical background who need to fill the orders. The store owners don’t necessarily *want* the people filling the orders to be logging in to their website to get this information. And since they have to have Admin proviliages to see the order info in the first place, I, as the web support person, am most definitely not comfortable with that.

SO – please make the emails sent to the admin/store owner customizable in the admin interface. I know there is a way to edit the plugin to manage this, but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want future updates to overwrite my changes.

Specifically, in additiona to the info that already appears in the email, my client needs to see the special requests comment field and billing information. Not just shipping info.

Also, FWIW, in my opinion the required address for this plugin needs to be the billing address, not the shipping address.

You might consider just changing the heading in that section of the plugin to say “Billing” instead of “Shipping.”