Marketpress plugin and Amazon product import file.csv

Marketpress plugin and amazon product import via .csv file

Hi friends I've been trying to solve some issue's like many of our friends also trying to enhance the Marketpress plugin and to simplify the bulk import of items from .csv file for using amazon associate etc. I have given an example below of how i'm trying to resolve the probs and how so far i am succeeding

My development site is

Firstly installed the marketpress plugin and the marketpress file importer plugin

Next install the Wordpress Amazon Associate plugin get the plugin free from the wordpress plugin depository website here or download it below

Plugin link :
Plugin info

The WPAA plugin enables you to monetize your website through the use of Amazon's Affiliate Program. By entering your amazon associate id for Amazon's supported locales you will earn referral fees for all products users purchase through your website. The Plugin features tinyMCE editor support for searching and inserting of amazon products and images into your content, content replacement of static links with your associate tag, and support for inserting Amazon Widgets through WordPress ShortCode, tinyMCE editor controls, Widget Admin, or PHP code.

This plugin fully supports amazon product localization to supported markets: Canada (CA), China (CN), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), France (FR), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), United Kingdom (GB), and the Unites States (US).

The WordPress Amazon Associate plugin is designed to be your all inclusive source for enriching you website with Amazon Products and Widgets embedded with your unique Amazon Associate Tag. Below is a brief overview of the supported features if you have any questions concerning using or features of the plugin than please visit the Support Forums.

Key Features

Amazon Widget Support Carousel MP3 Clips My Favorites OmakaseProduct Cloud Search

Amazon Product Linking

Amazon Product Link Associate Tag filtering & update with rel="nofollow"

Amazon Product Preview

New Product Template Support

Amazon Link & Widget Geo-Localization

Multi-Author Support

Amazon Product Advertising API Caching

Complete Administrative control

MP & MU Compatible

Amazon Product Preview example: if you have an Amazon Associate id you enter it in the relevant region and then verify the plugin will then confirm the sync.

(if you don't have an amazon associate account sign up here)

In order to get amazon to sync with your MP Plugin and the wordpress amazon associate plugin you will need AWS KEY and an an account from amazon AWS the plugin now requires you have an AWS Public and Private Key of your own to use. You can get a new Key by signing up at

Importing amazon products : In this section it discusses getting products to import from amazon associate .xls weekly offer file

Amazon Associates publish a weekly offers list via the blog for all associates and covers a wide range of products and offers from all the main amazon product categories - great deals and offer .xls file to download, covert or if applicable to simply upload to your site

**however the file does not import and if simply uploaded or converted to a standard .csv file it returns an error displaying "2 categories are missing product description and pricing" (see below ) however its easily fixed by the following.

open the .xls file using excel and convert to .csv file

Correct file :

I fixed the headings and categories then saved a copy as games-products2.csv

I then saved the file .csv file rename and save as a copy file and it will now upload using the import function in the marketpress plugin set up screen

I have tried to give a quick guide here and i will review, amend and rework it based on your feedback if indeed other dev's find this can assist them or helps or could help them !

I am unsure if the forum will allow me to upload the plugins and files so will review this post once published if not ill provide a dowload link by some other means