MarketPress Plugin is Doubling the Amount Due at Checkout


I'm writing because I'm having issues with the price of the order doubling at the payment processor site (2Checkout payment gateway). For example, a customer adds an item that costs $10 to their cart. Upon checking out and being transferred to the gateway, the total amount due would be $20.

I contacted my payment processor and received this message:

The way that 2Checkout works is that your website passes us sale information, and we charge based on that. If we are charging $2 for an order, we were passed $2 for the purchase price of that sale. I attempted to test this on your website, but was unable to do so because your site would not load in my browser, so we could not place a test sale.

This has happened multiple times with different users and it is unsustainable. Do you have any insight as to why this is happening?

Thank you,