Marketpress price shown after other plugin output

Hi there,
Love the ease of setting up Marketpress. This thing functions so lightly and quickly, I'm kinda speechless at times.

I was wondering if you had thoughts on why my sociable and tweet this plugins have their output showing before the price? I'm assuming the other plugins are using a filter or something and marketpress outputs the price after the_content or something?

I tried deactivating the plugins and re-activating them - hoping it was a sequence thing, but it didn't help. I can probably get rid of this plugin and find others, but I'm guessing we would have the same issue.

Any suggestions? Is this something that can be tweaked in Marketpress?

  • DavidM

    Hi raymondmannion,

    Glad you're finding MarketPress easy to use!

    In testing it out, those plugins are adding to the content in the post itself using the_content() filter, so I couldn't really see a way to get them to display after the MarketPress price/quantity fields.

    You could perhaps create MarketPress template files where those MarketPress fields are added in an area distinctly separated from the content. There's a file documenting this process in the MarketPress folder as follows:

    I'll ask a few of the guys over here if they've got other ideas too, as I couldn't really see another way to do it.


  • raymondmannion

    Thanks David,
    I see what you mean. In the end, we decided to get rid of sociable and tweet_this. I ended up also tweaking template_functions.php. That's where I saw how it is calling the post content before appending the meta fields, so I see how this is out of MarketPress's control.

    The tweak I needed - and I needed this on both sites where I implemented Market Press - is to have a Cart-checkout button/link more prominently displayed. Both sites didn't want the sidebar widget in place - they wanted something in the main menu with an icon and they wanted to have the "Add to cart" turn into a "Checkout now" button after adding the item or something like that.

    In the end, I added an <img> and <href> to function mp_buy_button which I'm guessing will be overwritten next time I upgrade :slight_frown: (Not much of a WP developer - just enough to be dangerous)

    So - that is a nice-to-have for the future. In the meantime, I'll say thank you and mark this as resolved!