MarketPress Pro theme options

I have installed on my WP the theme Techazoic and Marketpress Pro. I cannot seem to get the look I want when it comes to the product display. I am considering just dumping the whole thing, re-installing WP and Marketpress, as I think the theme just isn’t supporting framemarket. (which I un-installed as I just couldn’t make it work).

What themes work best with this plug in? Please, my site has been down for a week now, and I really just want to get a good platform to start loading my products and have a nice professional looking site.

I have included some links of my weak attempt on looking professional, as you can see, it looks just awful and I can’t find a way to fix it. I was advised to change the css, but there is NO WAY to do that in marketpress pro that I can find, and changing it in the theme Techazoic does not change the store properties.

Here is a shot of the product page:

Category Page: