Marketpress: Product and category pages are totally blank

I have added two products to my test site. Both products appear if I use the “mp_list_products” shortcode on a static page. But I get a completely blank page (no header, no sidebar, nothing) on the auto-generated products page. See here. I also get a totally blank page on the auto-generated category page; see here. And browsing by tag also produces completely blank pages.

I read in the forum that this may be a result of out-of-memory issues. I haven’t encountered this before anywhere within my multi-site setup. How do I know if this is the problem before I try to change memory limits? (I’m on a shared host, so this may require contacting my host provider, which is never fun.)

UPDATE: I just added “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’:wink:;” to my WP-Config file and I still get blank pages.

I also note that the two auto-generated URLs don’t start out the same ( versus just — this seems very odd to me.