MarketPress: Product can be ordered, even with 0 quantity


I launched a registration (products) this morning, but I am seeing orders for items where there is now 0 stock. I have checked the settings and the box is checked that out of stock items should be hidden, so I am not sure why people are able to add the out of stock variable to their cart and complete the checkout process. The quantity on the confirmation says “0”, but I am sure that people think they have successfully placed an order, when they haven’t.

If you need access, I will need to give you my login info (the WMUDEV dashboard is not functioning properly and I have not had an opportunity to test out the problems late at night when the site receives little activity.

*I did see a similar question that was submitted yesterday, but there wasn’t answer, yet. My internet search did not bring up any recent questions with the same issue.

Thank you.