MarketPress - product file upload size

I'm using FrameMarket and have just installed the MarketPress plugin and started working through the steps outlined here:

This leads me to a few questions which I think are relatively simple.

1. Where do I find some kind of instructions on how to make the products show up like a grid of images/products in rows and columns as opposed to one after the other single file down the page?

2. The products are mp3 hypnosis sessions and they range in size from 7mb - 30mb. WordPress doesn't let me upload files of this size. Can this be changed, and is there any reason not to??? The site hosting I have provides for unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space.

I have looked at Amazon S3 but that will cost $100/month and until sales reach that level the client whom I'm building for isn't prepared to shell out for a storage service...and it seems to me she shouldn't have to with the unlimited hosting she has.

Thank you!