Marketpress Product Inventory Changing + Product Page Menu Issues

Greetings WPMUdev, I hope all is well with you all!

I'm having a couple issues with the Marketpress product pages and the product inventories.

1) Seems that if I select to "Track Product Inventory" on the Product Pages (backend) then they will work fine. But it seems they automatically switch to having no inventory.

For example, the "Royal Waters Necklace" in the screenshots (Screenshot 1) shows that the product page (Frontend) is displaying no inventory even though there is 1 listed in stock in the backend.

Screenshot 2 shows that this is the case.

Screenshot 3 shows the overview of the product on the all products page after re-selecting and updating "Track Product Inventory" and selecting 1 in stock. The overview updated showing one in stock, however they change back after some time like you can see with the products above and below with the arrows. They become - or zero and show up with no inventory in the front end. Although in the backend they show up with the proper inventory.

2) Screenshot 1 also shows the second issue regarding the product pages (frontend) themselves. Certain menu items aren't displaying correctly on the product pages. These are the only pages that are having this issue. Is this the same on your end?

I hope you guys can help with these! Looking forward.
Support access is also granted if you'd like to take a look.

Much Love, Much Raspect
Ciro Bey