Marketpress Product list customisation

Firstly, apologies for the long list of questions! Trying to get my head around things which seem a little beyond my level and hoping someone can get me started.

I have installed Marketpress at :disappointed:">http:disappointed: but am not using it on my main shop pages yet. You can see what I have at the moment on my current shop pages It’s an embedded Zoho database which I’m not 100% happy with (not least because it has no SEO value despite all my hard work!). The section I am playing around with is at and is a mix of internal and external product lines.

My current plan is to create a formatted product list similar to the current one but with proper pagination etc. using Marketpress and place it on each page using shortcodes. I know this means duplicated content, so I may have to use canonical tags etc, but I’m not sure how easy it will be to filter dynamically, and I’d rather prioritise customer functionality over Google for now. The only thing this would be missing compared to current shop pages is a secondary filter / reorder by price etc. which I’ll have to sort out later.

I also want to change the product list so it shows full product description not excerpt as I don’t want the more info link to show.

My problem is that I can’t get my head around theming. I’ve read all the documentation and lots of support posts and I have a css file which creates my custom theme, but I don’t know how to edit my default page.php to make it into an mp_productlist.php. At the moment I can’t even get it to work calling the existing formatting into my file so I’m obviously doing something badly wrong, and I have no idea which parts of the function code to use in order to edit the layout and content. I’ve tried looking at the Framemarket/Gridmarket files but they seem far removed from my page.php and I don’t want a grid layout.

On the bright side, Custompress works like a dream for adding custom data to products, and if you are trying to make the “More Info” button on variations show with the same “Add to Cart” or “Buy it Now” button as external products, I’ve discoverd you just need to add your product page permalink in the external link box. It doesn’t fix the price not showing issue, but looks a lot neater to my mind.

Final query (for today…:wink: the automaticaly generated external links seem to be set as “dofollow”? Is there an easy way to change this as I don’t want to dofollow any paid links?