MarketPress – Product Listing Only Mode – BUGS

MarketPress Product Listing Only mode looks like exactly what I need right but unfortunately also looks like it was kind of an afterthought.. Found a few bugs that I need some help with. These might be in the manual but unlike the old site, there is not easy link to the manual on the plugin specific page. For something as complex or important as a web store, a clear manual is a big deal :slight_smile:

issues / feedback:

1. When you put the plugin into “Product Listings Only” mode, all the tabs except General and Presentation disappear. Including “short codes” No way to see how to get content into your pages… Whoops :slight_smile:

2. Why no button/shortcode insert to make it easy for people to get a product or category added to a page? Maybe this is done when in full store mode? Or is the a catalog page that didn’t get built?

3. Product Pages could have a little more detail or custom field support. Not trying to make things complicated but all products share a variety of attributes.

4. Price is still showing on the product page even though I am in Product Listing Only mode. If people need that, please include an option to hide it for those that don’t need it.

Still trying to get pages setup to show products but hopefully I’ll find the manual shortly.

Maybe a suggestion for a future plugin – “Catalog”. remove all store functions and make it a tool that people can use to show “items” (products, people whatever). Could be a real winner. Let me know if you do and I’ll give you more details on possible feature set :slight_smile:

Thanks as always. Keep up the great work!