Marketpress Product Listings Only ( Question on Percentage for Super Admin )

There is a question I have while setting up my Network Store Site. For sub Sites that are going to just list Products that link to other sites there will be no % commission paid to the Super Admin Site. Am I correct on this?

(Product Listings Only - This option turns MarketPress into more of a product listing plugin, disabling shopping carts, checkout, and order management. This is useful if you simply want to list items you can buy in a store somewhere else, optionally linking the "Buy Now" buttons to an external site. )
If that is the case Shouldn't we have a switch to either turn on and off that option or / and to be able to control it by level
all levels on / off
level 1 on / off
level 2 on / off
level 3 on / off

+1 for me on that new feature