MarketPress: product shortcode doesn't generate >1 page of products??

I'm stuck once again with the MarketPress shortcode. Specifically, I want to create a multi-page list of products in my store. But using the shortcode, I can only get a single page of a limited number of products.

I'm using the following shortcode:

[mp_list_products category="real-photo-postcard" order_by="date" order="DESC"].

I can change the number of items that appear on the page using Store Settings>Product List Settings>Paginate Products>Products per Page. But the (Paginate Products) Yes/No buttons appear to have no effect; I can only get a single page, despite the fact that not all products fit on one page.

I've tried placing additional attributes in the shortcode (despite the fact that, according to the descriptions of these attributes, they don't seem to apply):

[mp_list_products paginate="true" page="1" per_page="10" category="real-photo-postcard" order_by="date" order="DESC"]

and [mp_list_products paginate="true" per_page="10" category="real-photo-postcard" order_by="date" order="DESC"]

These don't change anything; I still get only one page of products containing less than the total number of products.

So far, the only way I have found to create a multi-page list is with the auto-generated Products page. Am I missing something, or does the mp_list_products shortcode create only one page, even if there are more products than fit on a single page?