MarketPress Product Variations

I'd like it if you can create more/easier customization variables under the MarketPress product creation page. For example, I'm setting up a website selling, among other things, t-shirts. Each t-shirt design has 5 or more sizes and comes in a variety of colors.

When I add a variation to each t-shirt, I have to create a whole bunch of unnecessary options for the user in order to show all the types of shirts available. For example, for each color of t-shirt, I need to create/show White - Small, White - Medium, White - Large, White - Extra Large.... The list increases as I add additional shirt colors. There needs to be a way to segment a given product by more than one variable and display those variable separately to the customer.

For example, on the admin side there should be a dropdown that allows me to set the number of variables for a given product, which would create label and content fields for each variable. I could say that for this product there are two variables, label them color and size (possibly from another dropdown set of options), and then set the inventory, price, etc. for each subset as I see fit. I should also have the option of setting which options I want to display to the client.

On the client side, I want to display separate boxes for these options. First box for color, another for size, and the final for quantity. This would be a much cleaner flow, both for me and my customers, resulting in more conversions for me and for your MarketPress plugin. I could fool around for hours trying to arrive at something close to this, but it should really be a part of the MarketPress package already. Thanks.