Marketpress Products in Sitewide Tags plugin display

Just started using MarketPress and want to aggregate products through to my sitewide tags blog which is pulling in global posts network-wide.

I found this solution by Boone Georges re adding other custom post types to Sitewide tags.
Drop this code into a new mu-plugins file:
function add_product_type( $allowed_post_types ) {
$allowed_post_types['product'] = true;
return $allowed_post_types;
add_filter( 'sitewide_tags_allowed_post_types', 'add_product_type' );

Unfortunately it didnt work. Wondering if you guys can shed some light?

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    Thanks Mason. I'm leaving a trail :slight_smile:

    No this is a different issue. I'm using the Sitewide tags plugin to pull in all posts and pages across the network. Ideally, whenever a product is added from any store on the site, it too, could show up on our 'global' blog controlled by sitewide tags.

    I was researching adding more custom post types to the sitewide tags plugin and came across the code mentioned in this comment from Boone Gorges

    ** WordPress MU Sitewide Tags from Donnacha - I wasn't aware you guys had the same. Can you point me to the wpmudev solution?


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    We actually have a brand new version of our global site tags which is way awesome (currently in beta though).

    Check it out here:

    You'll also want our (also beta) Post Indexer plugin:

    Read through the threads before installing, but they're completely re-written to work much more efficiently than previously. I'll have to check on whether or not it pulls custom post types by default as I'm not sure on that bit - but worth a test I'd wager!


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    Thanks Mason,

    I've actually been waiting for the next version of Global SIte Tags/Post Indexer. I'll be testing them out some time soon.

    From what I can tell (and please correct me if I'm wrong), Global tags is all about the tag widget and cloud. Sitewide tags plugin gives the ability to create a separate blog which pulls in network-wide posts and pages to the new blog and displays them sequentially in a blogging format - like all other blogs on the network.

    I'm running this concept to offer members and visitors an entry point to view the latest updates from my network. They click the headline, then view the post directly in the source blog where it was created.

    I plan to use Global Tags as well, for its global tag cloud concept. So, I'm keen to see if custom post types are included in that plugin too.

    As I type this, we are looking at a work around to promote Market Press products via an announcement blog post which links to the product. Although being able to display products 'globally' as they are listed would still be favourable.


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