Marketpress products, shopping cart, and order status pages are showing as my blog?

How do I separate my blog from my store? My products, shopping cart, and order status pages show up in my menu on my site, but when you click on them they take you to my blog. How do I make the pages display correctly with out it being tied to my blog?

Here is the store page

Here is the products page that send you to my blog with my 1 test product showing up in between my posts?

I'm on Wordpress 3.1.3
Theme: Sansation 1.8 by 5squared
Plugin: Marketpress 2.1.1

I have all of my other plugins disabled and I have re-saved all pages in the shopping cart settings. I also set up a category for test products only and none of my other blog posts are using that category.

  • awalkenhorst

    Thank you so much for responding so quickly!!!

    I'm on Wordpress 3.1.3.

    I got the theme from ThemeForest in April. I just tried to find it on themeforest to send you a link, but it seems they have taken it down. Here is a link to the designers site. Please let me know if I need to contact him with any questions you need answers to.

    I just moved over from WP eCommerce and had this exact same problem with that cart too, among other problems. All problems where eliminated in the move to Marketpress except for this one. I'm really hoping to be able to fix this last issue and finally get my store up. Just let me know if you need anything from me, and I will look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again.

  • Mason

    Very strange indeed.

    Can you look at the Products page in the WordPress admin and see if there's a box for "Page Template" on the edit screen?

    If so, what are the other options available? Try selecting another page template and seeing if that has any impact. This is more a question for the theme developer to be honest. I'm flying blind a bit in trying to help ya here - whereas the developer should be able to sort this easily.

    Still, let us know what you find out and we'll do what we can.


  • awalkenhorst

    I clicked on products and see the list then clicked on my test item to see that items page set up. There are no options for ways to edit the template for that page from here. I can edit the main store page through the store settings under messages and clicking the link. That page seems to work fine but only if I have it set to full width. The other pages that are broken I cant access because I don't have a way to get to them.

    I think what I am going to do is contact the developer to see if he will respond to email and help with this issue. I am supposed to have support available. If I cant get a response I will try to get my money back for the theme and start over with a different theme instead. I will be sure to post my outcome or progress as I go just in case I need something from your side.

    I do have a tech support login created for my admin area if you want to look at it, but if not I understand that this is a developer problem. If you want the log in let me know how to contact you outside of the forum and I will send it over to you.

  • awalkenhorst

    Sorry for the delay! I have been working on the issue with the theme developer and they think they have it resolved but asked me to ask you to see how to go about getting to the products, shopping cart, and order status pages. I need to change them from default template to vertical sub-nav and I don't have access to those pages settings. Please let me know how I can get to those settings. Thank you!

  • Mason

    Hiya awalkenhorst,

    The pages are automatically created by the plugin, but you can also just create the pages yourself (use the default slugs for marketpress or custom one's you assigned in settings) and then add the shortcodes you'd like to appear.

    So, for example, your 'store' page would look something like this:
    Welcome to our online store! Feel free to browse around:


    Check out our most popular products:


    Browse by category:


    Browse by tag:


    Hope that helps!

  • awalkenhorst

    This has me a little confused.

    The slugs you gave me are for the default store page set up. That page is working great. I am having the problem with the products, shopping cart, and order status pages. These pages were not created correctly by the plugin so I need to get into the settings and change them so that they appear correctly and still pull from the correct places.

    I did try to create a products page of my own but I am not sure how to get it to see the product categories and the items that I put into the store using the store and product settings. I also know that even if I could get that page figured out how would I create a order status page and a shopping cart check out page and have those pull from what the customer had added to their cart. If I do need to continue with this method please let me know how to make everything tie together correctly.

    If you need a log in I have a temp on created just let me know how to get it to you outside of the thread.

    Thank you!!

  • Mason


    I didn't read closely enough to see you were speaking of 3 specific pages. Apologies for that.

    The Products, Shopping Cart, and Order Status Pages can all be created as well. Just create a new page, give them the slug you want to use and enter in shortcodes as follows:

    Products: [productspage] default slug: 'products-page'
    Shopping Cart: [shoppingcart] default slug: 'checkout'
    Transaction Results: [transactionresults] default slug: 'transaction-results'

    For the Order Status page, you'll want to create a new page template named mp_orderstatus.php You can copy your theme's page.php and change the file name. Inside the new file you'll want to add:
    <?php mp_order_status(); ?>

    Take a look at the template-functions.php file located inside the marketpres/marketpress-includes folder for more detailed documentation. Let us know if you need anything further.

  • awalkenhorst

    I am having a lot of trouble getting this to work. I am not sure if it is a theme issue, an issue with pieces left over from the last 3 carts I tried, my changes trying to get this to work, or just a simple something that I am missing. I'm not ready to give up so I have typed out most current dilemmas.

    1.I set up the pages manually used the short codes and it fixed the blog default template problem but all that shows up on the live page visually is the short code and I don't think I'm supposed to see that, but that is all I see.

    2.On the store page that is working the Products, Shopping Cart, and Order Status links bring you to the default blog template broken pages and I don't see a place to go to, to be able to point them to the newly created manual pages.

    3.Also when I set up a new product and have it all saved. If I click view page to see what that product looks like it also pulls up the default blog page and I don't see any setting to be able to change the page attributes to change the template to not be the default. How do I get to those settings?

    Please know that though I am really getting frustrated I am not frustrated with you. You have been great. I am looking for a plan B & C on this at this point.
    Plan B: Please advise if you have a way for me to pay for additional support to have an someone who knows more than I do to log in and fix it.
    Plan C: As a very last resort can you advise me on themes that work seamlessly with Marketpress. I have spent a ridiculous amount of hours on the theme I have and really like it, but the shop is the most important part of my site and Marketpress is my 4th attempt at a store. Since it is the only eCommerce plugin that wasn't free and the one that looks like it has the most promise to be fixable I am keeping it over the theme if I have to.

    Sorry for the novel I'm just trying to figure out my options going forward. Please advise, and again thank you so much you have been really great to work with on this mess compared to the other support companies.

  • garethmartin

    Hi there,

    I am having a similar problem.

    None of the default pages are being created.

    I am using the curent version of market press 2.1.3 on Wordpress 3.2.1.

    I've tried setting it up on your default gridmarket theme and still no joy regarding the page set up.

    Just to clarify - do the default store pages get set up automatically when "save changes" button is pressed on the presentation tab of store settings?


    Do I have to create these pages manually?

  • awalkenhorst

    My pages set were set up automatically when I activated the plugin for the first time after I installed it.

    Though they were set up they were not pulling the correct page layouts from my theme and were defaulting to my blog and mixing the products in between my posts. Per masonjames advice I attempted to create my pages manually so that I could tell them what page layout I wanted them to have. This fixed the blog problem however the shortcodes are not working on any of the pages I created. Plus the individual items pages are still showing as the blog and I don't know how to manually create those. I also am having several errors happen where draft pages and trashed pages are showing up from the previous carts that I have tried which is very confusing now.

    Yesterday after my post I decided to let go and start over if I have to. I installed a free template that is OK not my top pick, and activated it to see what would happen. When I did it seemed to fix my problems with the cart. So now that I know that I am hunting for a theme I love that will work with either Marketpress or WP eCommerce seamlessly. In my contacts with the developers of my top 5 themes so far all of them cant guarantee Marketpress to work because they are not knowledgeable about the plugin. My next step is to ask them the same for WP eCommerce though I like Marketpress better and so see if they will give my money back if I download and install and it doesn't work. I will post a reply back when I have an answer from them on that.

    I wish you luck on your set up. I think as long as your pages are not pulling wrong and your short codes work when you set them up. I would stay with Marketpress.

  • garethmartin

    Thanks Awalkenhorst,

    That helps me a good bit. I've noticed some other issues on my server so I am currently setting up market press on another test server to see if it is the configuration of the servers permissions that are causing the problems.

    I've been using wp-ecommerce for a while now but find that it has limitations so was excited to see marketpress - i hope that it lives up to the promises -

    Good luck with your projects I hope they work well for you.

  • Mason


    @awalkenhorst - I know you're frustrated and that's totally understandable. Unfortunately a lot of 'premium' themes are coded without thought to working properly with various WordPress tools. I've had to give you a lot of manual steps to do here and that isn't normal. With most themes out there you'd just install this plugin and get going.

    The tricky part in this case is that it seems to be the only premium theme by this developer. We're not even able to see his code and direct you to a way to fix the issue.

    We've found folks to have general success from vendors such as WooThemes and Headway. We can't guarantee it, but many of us here are familiar with these companies and so are much more equipped to help ya out when using one of these.

    We also have our FrameMarket, GridMarket, and SimpleMarket themes which were created specifically for MarketPress. You could take the FrameMarket theme and have a child theme created from that to match the styling of your current site. This is probably the best method to get exactly what you want - though it's also the most expensive.

    By the way, you can view the various themes 'in action' over here:

    A developer would be able to look at the code in any of our themes and easily customize it for a look similar or identical to your current theme.

    @garethmartin you should not have to create your pages manually. Are you running jetpack or the sharedaddy plugin by chance? There appears to be a conflict between these two plugins and MarketPress at the moment. If you are, please disable sharedaddy for the time being. If not, please open a new thread and we'll take a look at the issue with you.


  • garethmartin

    @masonjames - Thanking you for your reply. I'm not running either. I set up a test site on another server and its all working out ok. I am now trying to figure out the difference in server setup. It looks like the hosting company have just updated their server and have not set permissions correctly as a few other applications are not running correctly fun fun.

    Now that I see Market press in its full glory i am very happy with it and am looking forward to working with it.

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