Marketpress Prosites: limit product publishing per level?

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How can i limit the amout of products a specific level can publish?
Free - 5
Pro 1 - 10
Pro 2 - 20
Pro 3 - 40

I don't want this to be tied in to how many pages they are able to create. I want the site/shop owners to be able to create pages for policies, about page, along with pages for their products.

In another post I was said "If they want to post more products in their store, they have to pay more money. This requires custom coding."

@Jack replied back:
"This is possible out of the box when using Pro Sites :slight_smile:

In network admin > pro sites > modules/gateways > enable the "Limit Publishing" Module, this will then allow you to set the limit for how many products can be added.

For example level 1, can add ex amount of products, upgrade to level 2, to list more :slight_smile:"

So how can I achieve this product limitation?
In the"Limit Publishing" module it only refers to posts and pages. And how is this different form the "Post/Page Quotas" module? Again I don't want it to limit the amount of pages they create also, that should be separate.