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Hi, i have a multisite and i am using MU Provisioning to offer packages using whmcs. Now, my issue is this, i offer free blogs, premium blogs and paid web shops, i want to use marketpress for third. And i dont want to use ProSites since is quite limited (using levels only). I do not want free blog accounts to see/use Product pages, neither premium blogs. Only users who purchased web shops should see and use MarketPress. The issue now is that once activated MarketPress is available trough out the network. I have added extra fields in whmcs addon to choose themes and plugins that are not network activated to be activated for the user once he purchases a package, but that dint work for marketpress, if the marketpress plugin is not network activated is not shown to specific accounts even if you specify that. How can i get arrownd that. Is there a hook in the plugin so i can set an attribute in wp-options table for example "is_shop" and if thats true to show to the user the Products pages? Thank you

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    Thanks for the reply hpidriver but Pro SItes does not match my strategy. Just because it uses levels, for example i have themes/plugins that should be used only in Blogger Pro packages but not in Free Blogger or shop packages, same with Shop Packages, on top of that my strategy is more of a "branches" one not levels, since for blogger pro i offer multiple packages and same for Shops.. My question stands, is there a hook in MarketPress for me to use in order to check what options the specific blog has?

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    Hello there @lien_style_extensii_de_par_natural_, I hope you're well today!
    Unfortunately I don't have an active WHMCS licence so I can't actually test it out and provide a viable solution.

    So I have pinged the plugin developer. He should be here shortly (though not momentarily as developer have really busy schedules). Hopefully his insights will help you resolve this issue.


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    Hi aristath, thank you for your reply. Since my post i further tested the WHMCS provisioning and MarketPress plugins and it seems to work, i must of misspelled the marketpress plugin directory/name. So now i can assign in the whmcs addon extra field i created "marketpress/marketpress.php" and when someone orders a shop package the modified wp whmcs plugin is activating the marketpress plugin for that particular user, even if the plugin is network deactivated :slight_smile:

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