Marketpress question

I'm creating a directory (not necessarily using the directory plugin... still deciding, because I'm doing things a bit different than usual).

Anyway - I need to set up an ordering system for my sales teams to go into a local business, offer them a few services, then come onto the website and help the business owner complete their order.

Each order would have a list of options, like this:

Set up fee (mandatory)
Monthly billing: $$ (but not billed for 30 or 60 days)
Possible add ons

Is it possible to create a simple list like this of options with marketpress, without having to have someone manually click each product from usual shopping pages? (I want this mainly on one page in other words as there won't really be pics).

Please let me know ASAP.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hello dimeco,

    I think the closest we can do (esp when you consider having add-ons) is to go with MarketPress. I did some thinking on this with the Membership plugin, but having Add-ons doesn't work there.

    When we use MarketPress, you need to find a way to have the base product (set up fee) in the cart at all times. Custom development is needed there.

    The rest of the stuff, don't you think its better he gets to pick what he wants? Just like shopping?

    You can change Add to Cart to something like "Add this" or something similar and show all products on a single page.

    Will that work? What do you think?

  • dimeco

    Hi Arun,

    Membership plugin won't work that I can see.

    Here's the way the thing is, when I say "options" or "add ons"....

    i.e., Level 1:

    Feature list - please select features you want us to set up
    1 Contact
    2 Location (Google map)
    3 Subscribe
    4 Services
    5 Menu
    6 Events

    Because we're actually setting this UP for people, the feature list is *included* for them, however, they may not WANT all of it. (Think: Restaurant would want a menu inclusion, but obviously a lawyer wouldn't have a need for that, just like a restaurant has no need for services...)

    Those aren't priced differently, but having the checkboxes allows me to set them up quickly after receiving their submission.

    And, obviously it would be SO much faster if I could just have them check it off on one page.

    (example: if you've ever gone to, when you start putting together a laptop or pc, it pretty much loads all on one page so you can choose your options all in one place, some require additional fees/upsells, some don't)

    *For the add ons* there will be a part that they can add on, such as:

    - optional mailings to the entire subcribed topic (all users), cost = $xxx per mailing
    - feature spot on the top of the site ($$ per day or month)

    I probably should have explained this better last week, sorry, my mind was going in WAYYY too many directions so while I did post what I needed, I didn't explain the best.

    Basically, would marketpress be able to do this, and will some of it handle recurring billing as well as trials?

  • Arun Basil Lal

    okay, membership won't work for sure. very clear now. I can't think of why MarketPress won't work here, some modifications would be necessary though.

    You can offer packages as individual products, and then you can have addon packages. Like a Restaurant package, then a pacakge for Lawyers and the like.

    On a different page where it says "Build Your Pacakge" or so (more like the Dell thing, my laptop is Dell and the only reason why i choose it is because I could do this Build My PC thing in there), you could have all the elements listed as individual products.

    With some custom coding you should be able to make sure that the default mandatory setup fee is added to cart in the "Build Your Package" section.

    The items won't be checkboxes, but they are added to cart using Ajax, so users should be able to add these very quickly without leaving the page.

    MarketPress is build for e-commerce and there is no recurring billing. That implies that trial packages where you collect the information and bill them later wouldn't work out of the box.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:_

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