Marketpress Request: Gift Cards, Choose Price, Digital Variations

Short Summary: I have one problem and potential 4 solutions, any one of which would solve my problems (more or less):

1. Ability to sell gift cards through Marketpress

2. A choose your price option for digital downloads

3. Variations on digital downloads

4. Upfront compatability with WooCommerce so I can ditch Marketpress

Vote/Comment if you would like to see any/all of these features, so the Dev team will know that it’s more than just one person.

Details/description of my problem:

I have been trying to find a work around to make this work.

Primarily, I would like to sell Gift Cards/Certificates through my site to be redeemed in the store, I would like a ‘Choose Your Own Price Option’ for the gift cert.

The 4 Possible Solutions:

1. Gift Cards

Ideally there would be a giftcard design option that was similar to the PopUp plugin, but with a unique card number auto populated as well. You could choose standard prices or choose your price. The customer would receive an email with a nice design, the amount and an order# or barcode or something.

2./3. Choose Your Own Price OR Digital Download Variations

Since Gift Cards are not a Marketpress feature I have instead created Gift Certificate image files to be downloaded as a digital purchase. The customer must either print the certificate and write the Order# on the card or bring the email confirmation and Order# with them to the store.

However I would also like to be able to have my clients choose their gift certificate amount. I tried to use variations on the digital download, but I can’t set up unique download links for each variable (I would think this would be a pretty easy fix), only for Unique single products.

Another place this would be used would be a musician who wants his/her fans to name their price for a digital download link. This is quite common among independent musicians.

4. UPFRONT compatibility with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has a gift card plugin, but it conflicts hardcore with Upfront.