MarketPress Reset

I've been testing changing the root location of the global store by changing this line in wp-config:
define('MP_ROOT_BLOG', #);

As a result I've got the remnants of multiple test products on various stores. Is there a way to refresh things so that I can start again?

Is there db tables that need cleaning etc?

I've refresh the presentation page on the store network settings to refresh the permalinks, but this isn't doing the job on its own, I think there may be other settings conflicts.


edit: I'm noticing that there are a few mp_ database tables on wp_1 and the others are global.
WP1: wp1_mp_additional_options / wp1_mp_buttons / wp1_mp_button_options / wp1_mp_options / wp1_mp_settings
WP: wp_mp_products / wp_mp_terms / wp_mp_term_relationships

Can you advise on how to fix this? thanks