Marketpress roadmap..any ETA?

Hi,I know it has been discussed lightly here a few times but for me situation is a bit rather critical.I'm already beyond my scheduled launch but couldn't yet decide about the solution.
Right now,I'm about to launch a new site where product will be sold, being payment gateway and USPS for handling shipping and I would like to have an affiliate scheme as well.Down the line after few months memberships would also be sold along with downloadable product.
Now for me ideal solution is:
Marketpress integration with affiliate(Coming soon)
USPS module(coming soon)
Downloadable product support for Marketpress(Coming soon)
Affiliate integration with Membership

I was waiting for Marketpress new version hoping this version will have support for affiliates at least.So can we have a timeline for at least Marketpress integration with Affiliate and downloadable product support?As in that case I can take care of USPS module myself and go ahead and upgrade later if they are about to be released soon.
Alternatively,for the time being I will go ahead with addon+USPS addon and integrate a third party affiliate.But later transferring specially the affiliates to WPMU would be a pain and I would rather prefer to avoid that,so please please please at least give me a timeframe if possible.
Many thanks in advance.

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    Hello emagineit,

    We don't give ETAs as a general rule but the items you've mentioned are all under heavy development right now and really are due out soon, though we just can't say exactly how soon. I'll check with the team to see about any more recent news though.

    If you really need these things right away, perhaps you might consider posting a job request?

    And alternatively, you could contact us regarding custom development via the contact form.


  • emagineit
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    Hi Aaron,thanks for your info.
    As a core developer what would you suggest be if I want to choose one solution among two:
    1>Developing a USPS module for Marketpress myself and use Marketpress(hoping affiliate plugin will come soon) along with membership integrated with affiliate.
    2>Developing an affiliate plugin which would integrate Shopp with affiliate and keeping rest of the things same using Shopp instead of Marketplace
    A stable solution would what I need and I'm kinda a bit less confident about developing USPS module for Marketpress whereas Shopp provides a stable USPS module.
    Kindly suggest.
    Many thanks..:slight_smile:

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