Marketpress roadmap..any ETA?

Hi,I know it has been discussed lightly here a few times but for me situation is a bit rather critical.I’m already beyond my scheduled launch but couldn’t yet decide about the solution.

Right now,I’m about to launch a new site where product will be sold, being payment gateway and USPS for handling shipping and I would like to have an affiliate scheme as well.Down the line after few months memberships would also be sold along with downloadable product.

Now for me ideal solution is:


Marketpress integration with affiliate(Coming soon)

USPS module(coming soon)

Downloadable product support for Marketpress(Coming soon)



Affiliate integration with Membership

I was waiting for Marketpress new version hoping this version will have support for affiliates at least.So can we have a timeline for at least Marketpress integration with Affiliate and downloadable product support?As in that case I can take care of USPS module myself and go ahead and upgrade later if they are about to be released soon.

Alternatively,for the time being I will go ahead with addon+USPS addon and integrate a third party affiliate.But later transferring specially the affiliates to WPMU would be a pain and I would rather prefer to avoid that,so please please please at least give me a timeframe if possible.

Many thanks in advance.