Marketpress search by brand, price, category and keyword.


I have a question: using the Marketpress plugin, is there an option for the user to search by:
- brand
- price
- category
- keyword

Thanks so much for your time!


  • ThePath
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    Hey Nancy, good question.

    Currently not. I think this would be an excellent addition though. A "Filter Widget" would be very useful indeed.

    However you can link into the categories so easy enough to set up a wee menu with a list of your catregories anywhere on the site. There is already one on the default store homepage, so this is a filter of sorts.

    There is no way I can see to enter brands or manufacturers per sey but you can enter them as tags and link to them on the store pages that way.

    But yeh +1 on the Filter Widget for MP....perhaps you should put in a request to the MP dev.

  • Patrick
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    Hiya Nancy,

    There is a free plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository called, appropriately enough: Taxonomy Picker.

    It allows your users to search your site by building complex queries for any category, taxonomy, post-type, etc. It works just fine with MarketPress products/categories/tags.

    For more, see here:
    and here:

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • shineadmin
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    @patrick @orangesandlime

    Just completed the Amazon Product advertising API and got copies of products by category, brand, sku, image, price, etc, etc

    I can send you over copies to you so we can fully test marketplace - so far working like a dream

  • ThePath
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    Hi Alan

    Im wondering if you can expand on

    Amazon Product advertising API

    What exactly do you have and how could it help the MP store Im setting up?

    Im just about to setup beekeeping products for one of my websites you see and what you have said here has peaked my interest.

    If you have files to share you could attach them to this topic.


  • shineadmin
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    Amazon Products api allows you to sell any amazon products on yours and clients sites plus gain extra support from amazon via the AWS (amazon web services).

    Once registered you can access a host of free services including cloud hosting, social marketing, marketing development and access free payment gateway services only for developers.

    Once registered you can sell plugins, apps and wordpress services to users and other developers via the amazon developers marketplace .

    You need to be registered as an amazon associate - plz be sure to quote my reference causeblogs-21

  • ThePath
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    Hi Alan,

    Im already an associate.

    What I was really wondering is there an integration between MP and Amazon so I dont need to manually input all the products.

    Just be a massive time saver.

    Amazon Products api allows you to sell any amazon products on yours and clients sites

    I thought this was what associates did....whats extra in the API?


  • shineadmin
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    @patrick and @thepath

    sincerest apologies for not properly answering previous discussions was trying to finish up to take a week off with my wife !


    yes there is a way to integrate MP plugin and amazon assoc or product advertising api plus import bulk products via .csv file.

    I'm going to write up a step by step guide and prepare the plugins and test .csv files now and upload here for you to try its not a finished solution but hopefully will solve some of the problems we all been trying to find a fix - perhaps with wpmu and your help we can work together to get a complete fix quickly give me a couple of hours - ill get to work now.

    hope it helps


  • ThePath
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    Wow that would save a load of time. Ive been adding them by hand and its a pain. I should really look into the csv thing.

    What would be really useful is knowing how to acquire the products you want from Amazon in a csv format and then what changes if any need to be made to make it importable to MP.

    I had a quick look at the amazon api and couldnt see where to easily search/access the products I wanted. This is key to the quick setup of amazon stores.

    I would guess we would have to have an MP setup with custom fields like in my recent tut, and we might even need more depending on how its setup and the fields you want to include.

  • shineadmin
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    have just uploaded the following tips post it may be of interest !

    Also via WPAA plugin developers site I have noticed there is a new Amazon product advertising plugin that may help

    I have given links to the amazon associates blog that you can get product download files to convert to .csv files if you could read over and then advise me accordingly i will test and rework it to suit !


  • Tom Eagles
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    Hiya, just going through some of the older threads here.

    As it's been a little while since we last heard from you I thought I'd check in to see how you're going?

    If you're still looking for some further assistance with this thread then please feel free to reopen the thread or of course for any new and related issues you are most welcome to open a new thread.


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