Marketpress Setting Up - for beginners

Hello all
I have a few days free to work on our site and take advantage of your plugins and my first month trial of membership. I am new to this game, and brand new to Marketpress, and need your support with problems in setting it up. I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread for beginners like me who may face similar issues.

I have installed the product grid plugin and skyrocket store theme and added 2 products.

1. the landing page has grid shortcode [mp_product_grid] but the product list is showing up not grid
2. the shopping cart widget - icon is overlaying the title, the title dissapears at times, eg when emptying cart.
3. images - how to loose the drop shadows on all images
4. widgets - the second level store pages onwards dont show up in Conditional Widgets options, so how do you stop unwanted widgets showing up on any page other than first page and make sure the shopping cart shows up on all - i just want the shopping cart as only widget in sidebar of store
5. widgets show up at bottom of page - 'Archives by Month' & Archives by Category' on Shopping Cart, Shipping Information, Payment Information, Confirm your purchase, Order Confirmation and Track your Order pages
6. Button styling - this changes from grey to blue as you proceed to checkout - can they all be grey?

Thank you