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Hello all

I have a few days free to work on our site and take advantage of your plugins and my first month trial of membership. I am new to this game, and brand new to Marketpress, and need your support with problems in setting it up. I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread for beginners like me who may face similar issues.

I have installed the product grid plugin and skyrocket store theme and added 2 products.

1. the landing page has grid shortcode [mp_product_grid] but the product list is showing up not grid

2. the shopping cart widget – icon is overlaying the title, the title dissapears at times, eg when emptying cart.

3. images – how to loose the drop shadows on all images

4. widgets – the second level store pages onwards dont show up in Conditional Widgets options, so how do you stop unwanted widgets showing up on any page other than first page and make sure the shopping cart shows up on all – i just want the shopping cart as only widget in sidebar of store

5. widgets show up at bottom of page – ‘Archives by Month’ & Archives by Category’ on Shopping Cart, Shipping Information, Payment Information, Confirm your purchase, Order Confirmation and Track your Order pages

6. Button styling – this changes from grey to blue as you proceed to checkout – can they all be grey?

Thank you


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Jimmy,

    As I mentioned in your prior thread, we can’t really support the grid add-on, however, I think the note I gave in that other thread should sort that for ya!

    That said, the bulk of your concerns here can easily be remedied with css adjustments, mostly due to the way your theme interacts with the plugin. I was going to provide some quick tidbits on that but you’ve got the right-click disabled on the page so I can’t access the page elements.

    What you’ll want to do is use a tool like Firebug to see which elements are which and then make minor adjustments as needed. Here’s a great guide to help get started with that.

    As for the widget areas aside from the main store pages, it seems your theme is handling those pages rather strangely. What you’d likely have to do in this case is create a custom template as detailed in /marketpress/marketpress-includes/themes/Themeing_MarketPress.txt.

    I’m guessing you’ll have further questions on all this, please just let us know any that come up! :slight_smile:



  • Jimmy
    • Flash Drive

    Hi David

    I am using Atahualpa theme, I’ll have a look at the theming link, i was hoping not to have to do too much here but it looks like it’s not plug’nplay in this game. I thought cos atahualpa was such a poular theme it would be a safe one to go with.

    If there is another grid solution other than the plugin i am using please let me know .

    I have just installed firebug – another learning curve coming up :slight_smile: Thanks for the tut link. I have enable right click again if you are able to help from your side.

    It’s after 11pm here so i’m gonna have to get some sleep.

    More tomorrow.

  • sixthcore
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi there Jimmy…

    Good to see another South African store showing up on here…

    When you say not showing up as grid? do you mean side by side as in “gridmarket” theme?

    if so a bit of basic CSS pertainign to the class mp_product would probably sort that out.

    .mp_product {
    width: 170px;
    float: left !important;
    clear: none !important;

    You may also want to look into the ” !important ” suffix for css attributes especially when you have so many plugins installed with multitudes of CSS style sheets being called, the likely hood of a clash is substantial. Using the !important function will generally force an attribute to be styled accordingly and overwrite any other styling attributes that may be causing a clash.

    (had to edit sorry should be clear none not clear both)

  • Jimmy
    • Flash Drive

    Hi sixthcore

    Baie dankie :slight_smile:

    I am using the plugin discussed here It is supposed to give a grid view because that is not available in MarketPress. I am still new to all this and have no idea about aCSS although i now know about inspecting elements, I still don’t know where and how I can change CSS easily. I was hoping this membership would help, but it is proving to be very challenging. Is the idea to not use plugins if you can do it yourself? I assumed the plugins on this membership site worked well out of the box – the plugins all seem to need lots of work that a beginner like me cannot handle easily. Are the members here all web developers or are some just wanting to set up a good wordpress site for their organisation?

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    There’s a mix of us here that are web developers, and a mix who know very little, and a whole lot more in the middle.

    The plugins work well (generally) out of the box, but only at things they can do. In other words – since that grid add on isn’t core, its not necessarily going to work.

  • sixthcore
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi there Jimmy..

    I have dropped you a mail, with my contact details and would be more than happy to give you a bit of free time to help you get your system up.

    I believe in Marketpress that much… and while the team here at WPMUDEV save me time in countless batches with plugins that drive projects that feed my company, I am happy to give back to the community, I understand the frustration when you have to muddle through stuff.

  • Jimmy
    • Flash Drive

    Hi all

    Just had skype chat with sixthcore – amazing what you can do with skype as a tutorial! I learnt that css is only investigated with firebug, etc, and then edited in the admin> appearance >editor.

    Now to have some fun.

    Thank you

  • Jimmy
    • Flash Drive

    Sorted all the CSS issues with big help from sixthcore. For those new to the game of css here are the resources shared by those that helped that play a role. Be great to see a tutorial video developed:

    To preview your css and play with changes to see effect: – firebug

    or – webdeveloper

    then add/change css or relevant style sheet in theme or plugin editor.

    and then for self study –

    Thank you for Marketpress!

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