Marketpress Shipping Calculated Options - Australia Post Feature Request

As per this thread, I am creating an official feature request:

A client is very upset that Marketpress does not interface directly with the Australia Post API.

I have recently found out how incredibly complex Australian domestic post shipping is:

Dependent on which location you are in australia:

and the location of the sell and how cubic heavy the parcel is, and the location of the customer:

Will determine how much shipping costs.

Marketpress users cannot be expected to enter this in anywhere... so Australia Post have an API.

Will the above code work with the API ? Will WPMUDEV be supporting an Australia Post Marketpress shipping 'calculated options' ?



  • johnnymestizo

    The following is a reply from the other linked post.

    Will this be supported or 'taken over' by wpmudev?

    Hi Johnny.
    It should work for you. I'm using it on my site. The only issue I have found is a logic bug if your seller chooses not to offer all the parcel/letter sizes then it says there may not be a post option because I need to change it to go to the next size up. The easy way to fix this is to make sure that the seller is offering all parcel/letter options (don't need to offer express though). I will fix this error when I have time.

    Also be aware that the 'extra shipping fee' will get added to the postage cost in the last step of the checkout process which can be confusing as it looks like the postage suddenly jumps by that much if your seller has added an extra shipping fee.

    The Australia Post API is very confusing and, as I was learning PHP as I went, nearly brought me to tears on several occasions. I was ready to go postal!!! The documentation is not very good and believe it or not there are actually errors in the documentation, specifically in relation to the calls you make to the API. I tried contacting support but just kept getting pointed back to the documentation and online API tester (which has conflicting info to the documentation). It basically took trial and error to sort it out.

    There is another person with an Australia Post plugin on the Wordpress site I think but I haven't tried it.

    I hope this helps! Good luck.

    • Kasia Swiderska

      Hello johnnymestizo,

      Do you require more wpmudev aussie members to feature request or +1 this?

      Yes - in most of the cases of features requests, there are several dozen threads with dozens of the +1 - sometimes there are few threads from different members in a month. And in case of Australian Post API there are few threads, with few support members.

      I understand that this is very important option for you, but I can't make this decision - I can only notify the plugin devs about this (and I did) and wait for the decision - and right now there is not enough members supporting this.

      Kind regards,

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