Marketpress shipping cost for diff countries


I am trying to work out how to set different shipping prices for different countries.
1. Aus - $5
2. UK - $35
3. Us - $25
4. NZ - $12

But I cant seem too.

Does this ability exist?


  • camparoo

    Sorry warren_booth, different shopping cart plugins offer different advantages. Marketpress is really easy to set up and integrate into a site but lacks some of the gateways that can be found with other carts, and also has disadvantages regarding shipping.

    This is where you either work within the constraints or not. What I would suggest - if you want to work with this plug-in, is that you look into international shipping rates. Add up all of the rates, and divide by the number of locations you are looking at.

    While some people will pay a bit more than they should and others will pay less (with this strategy), this will get you into the ballpark. I recently bought a t-shirt from the UK that I really wanted. The shipping rate sucked, but I really wanted the shirt and got it anyway.

    If you later see a trend where the majority of people are making purchases from a more expensive region (or a less costly shipping area) you can adjust the rates.

    Just a thought...

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