Marketpress shipping tracking

Around line 9437 is the select statement for the shipping tracking

<select name="mp_shipping_method">

<option value="other"><?php _e('Choose Method:', 'mp'); ?></option>

<option value="UPS"<?php selected(@$order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'UPS'); ?>>UPS</option>

<option value="FedEx"<?php selected(@$order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'FedEx'); ?>>FedEx</option>

<option value="USPS"<?php selected(@$order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'USPS'); ?>>USPS</option>

<option value="DHL"<?php selected(@$order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'DHL'); ?>>DHL</option>

<option value="other"<?php selected(@$order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'other'); ?>><?php _e('Other', 'mp'); ?></option>


This is quite hard coded, with American carriers. There doesn’t seem to be any further use for the value. For the UK I would like to add Royal Mail tracking numbers.

Three ways of making it less hard coded

1. internationalize the text in the options e.g. _e(‘DHL’,’mp’:wink: then I could translate (thats is a bit hacky)

2. add a filter so I could custom build a select statement in my functions.php or wherever

3. for there to be a configuration table somewhere

Obviously, with the current hard coded option, the only route open to me its to translate ‘other’ to ‘Royal Mail’, which is at least internationalised, but then removes the failsafe ‘other’.