Marketpress shopping cart getting jumbled

Ok so I installed marketpress on a wordpress site using the theme Clean Home. I have the plugin working perfectly for me and most people. However, some customers call in saying the shopping cart page is jumbled and crazy looking. I cannot for the life of me replicate this problem.

Does anyone know what could be causing this for people? What might affect the styling of the pages? I would love to have an answer for them to fix it and not have to take orders over the phone. Any help appreciated.

  • DavidM
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    Hi Rankitecture,

    If you're unable to replicate it, it sounds like it might be an issue with the browser they're using. That'd be a good thing to ask for those noticing display issues.

    Just to check too, you're referring to the following theme, right?

    Have you checked out the site through other browsers and perhaps browser versions (usually you'd have to check browser version only for Internet Explorer)?

    One of those indispensable tools for checking IE versions is the DebugBar, which is free:


  • DavidM
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    Yep, the DebugBar program I mentioned above is a great tool for checking out how a site looks with prior versions of IE.

    If possible, requesting a screenshot from users experiencing display issues helps a great deal as well. It would help in seeing the particular items in the cart for trying to replicate the issue.

    If you could provide a link to the site, I'll see what I can find there myself.


  • Rankitecture
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    David, I'll try and figure out the DebugBar program. Got it installed but don't really get how it works. The page in question that keeps throwing people off is Once people get to this point in the checkout they say they see a jumbled page. Doesn't happen often though. Would be great to see if you can replicate it. I'll try and get screen shots and product names to see if I can figure anything else out.

  • Rankitecture
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    Here is what the guy who runs the online orders sent me if it helps:

    "I had a customer yesterday who called in. Here is what he said happened. He tried to check out and it gave him the error message problem finalizing your purchase please go back and try again. He clicked the link it provided and it took him back to the billing where he keyed in the cc number etc again and clicked confirm pmt and it gave him an error that said problem finalizing your purchase and then said duplicate transaction. That's when he called me to see if he was billed twice and placed the order over the phone."

    Is this browser related? Known issue that happens sometimes?

  • Mason
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    Hiya Rankitecture,

    Just checking in to see if you were able to get this sorted. I haven't seen anything like it, so my guess would be older browsers.

    If that tool David mentioned doesn't do the trick I often use this site:

    Maybe you can make up a short list of questions to ask folks when they call about the page display/errors. Get the browser, version number, and OS they're using - could be helpful. Also anything in your PHP error logs from around the time of an error would be good info as well.


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