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I have a site that recently began having a problem w/ the shopping cart - when you choose a product to place in the cart it shows in the left sidebar shopping cart but when you go to checkout the cart from this window the cart is shown as empty - it doesn't matter if cookies are allowed or not or if you refresh the page - BUT if you go to another page on the site and then go to checkout the product is there - It is causing visitors much confusion.
Help Please!
Currently we are on version Version 2.5.9 of Marketpress and WP 3.4.2 - I have been very fearful of doing the upgrade of the Marketpress - since the client has many products and can not tolerate site interruption.
Is my upgrade phobia warranted?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @Larry Davis,

    Your upgrade phobia, does have some merit, but it should be outweighed by the benefits and security offered by the latest releases of which there are many.

    I would say this is definitely an issue with the outdated versions.

    My recommendation would be to upgrade both MP & the WP itself.

    Firstly, as it's a live site. I would backup the whole site, files & DB. Then create a test site, which you can then create a copy of the live site on from the backups. Once you have the test site setup ok & working like the live site. You can do a practise run by upgrading the WP core followed by plugins 1 at a time, checking for any issues. If all goes well, then you can perform the update on the live site. (I would recommend taking a fresh backup right before you do the update to the live site, so it's current. Then close the site for possibly an hour. It would be best to find out which are the quietest times of day/week to perform the update, so there's minimum disruption.

    We do have a plugin which can help with the backup & migration onto a test server. Snapshot will allow you to do this easily.

    Hope this helps

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