Marketpress shopping cart widget won't display on required pages

I’ve placed the MP shopping cart widget in my right sidebar column and typed in the pages for it to appear on. It doesn’t display. I’ve tried every varient i can think of but it only displays if I allow it to display on every site page. I’m checking the RegEx and typing on two rows the following;



Any suggestions?

  • Leofitz
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    It sure is. It’s in the Marketpress Shopping Cart widget. To quote its description and function in the Widget Area;

    “Shows dynamic shopping cart contents along with a checkout button for your MarketPress store.”

    The text in lower half of the widget is below. I’ve tried all the logical combinations of “Every page except..”, and “Only the listed”…, with page description as mentioned above, and in the format suggested in the Regex directions.

    “Show widget on specific pages:

    Every page except the listed.

    Only the listed pages.


    User regex pattern matching

    Enter one page per line. The ‘*’ character is a wildcard. Example paths are /members for the members page and /members/* for every profile page.

    Delete | Close

  • Leofitz
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    This is bizarre. I opened MarketPress on a second site and the shopping cart widget does look like the one you posted. In the screenshot of my widget page you'll see the only shopping cart widget present is in the lower left corner with the Market Press description below it. In the upper right its dragged into the sidebar and opened.

    The only other e-comm plugin I installed and uninstalled on the site, was Cart66 and the shop cart widget looks different. I did notice that the layout of the shop cart widget I have open, is very similar to the LabTools Login widget below it in the sidebar. Is it possible that the code of one widget could merge with another widget?!? Weird.

    It's too bad that the option to control on which pages the shopping cart appears, isn't in the genuine MarketPress widget. With the current MP widget, once its in the sidebar, how can one avoid having the shopping cart appear on every post page throughout the web site? I'm only interested in having the store appear in one section of my site.


  • Leofitz
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello Pro21,

    I’m using Canvas and I created new sidebars in the Sidebar Manager for Products Posts, and for the Store Page. After the Shopping cart widget is placed in the new sidebars, the ShopCart does shows up on the Store page, but not on the Products Post ‘pages’. The laternative is to have the shoping cart appear on every page of the site.

    I’ve tried using the Widget Logic plugin to use conditional code phrases to control where the Shop Cart appears but also without success. After reading through others discussions of this problem, I’m frankly surprised that the” The easiest to use, best designed and most powerful ecommerce / shopping cart plugin available for WordPress..” requires all kinds of custom coding simply to control that the shopping cart doesn’t appear on the home page!

    If any MP version upgrades correct this, I would appreciate hearing about it.


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