Marketpress – shortcode and store pages questions

1. [mp_list_products] – regardless of whether I use optional attributes or not it doesn’t display “Next Page” at the bottom. So this means the only way I can use this shortcode is to turn off pagination in the settings and display everything on one page. How can I use this shortcode AND display the “Next Page” link at the bottom of the list?

2. [mp_buy_button] – when a search is done and results are shown – how do I get the buy button to display in what’s shown in the search results for each item? I added it to the bottom of a product description and it shows in the search results (good), but then it also displays a 2nd button when a product is viewed normally (bad).

3. Store pages – these don’t appear in the Pages list and I’d like to remove all navigation and widgets during checkout, but can’t do it since they aren’t physical pages (my theme (Canvas) supports this). Is there a way to make these physical pages or edit their layout in some way? I know I can add text and other elements on Settings >> Messages, but want to actually change the page layouts. The easy way (if it doesn’t exist) is if there was a shortcode and then I could add it to a physical page…unless someone has an answer to this.