Marketpress shortcode not conforming to CSS style when inserted into page

In my installation of Marketpress with the WooCanvas theme (current version), I'm having issues with Marketpress shortcodes. When products are displayed they are picking up what appears to be a default font-family, rather than the ones designated in the store CSS (Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, 'sans-serif') or those with the WooThemes - Google Fonts (Open Sans).

Standard store pages (Posts?) pick up the theme fine (example of a working page:

But when I create a page manually, and display products using a shortcode... the font is not the same. (example of where it is not working as expected: note the font is now courier (or a derivative).

So my question is - is this normal, or is there somewhere I can modify the code so that I can align the type faces, or remove the control over the shortcode display style?

Any pointers you can give me would be perfect.