Marketpress shortcodes not sorting

Trying to get the shortcode to sort, but its not sorting. Ive even tried to sort it by other fields (id, date) but no luck. No matter what field you try to sort by, it seems to just display the products in the same order (it looks like its by date [desc])... Ive tried a bunch of different sorts (see below) but none work

[mp_list_products order_by="id" order="DESC" category="add-ons"]
[mp_list_products order_by="title" order="DESC" category="add-ons"]
[mp_list_products order_by="id" order="asc" category="add-ons"]
[mp_list_products order_by="title" order="asc" category="add-ons"]
[mp_list_products order_by="date" order="asc" category="add-ons"]

The site im doing this on is in maintenance mode, but I just checked another site I did, and I hadn't realized, but it is not sorting either... heres a link to that one... (it should be sorting by title)