Marketpress shortcodes, sales pages and buttons

Hi Guys,

On my website I am starting to set up a sales funnel.

My setup is:
- Use Thrive Page Builder for landing pages
- Use MarketPress for shopping cart functionality.

What I am having trouble working out is the following:
1. Is there a way to have a link that goes straight to the checkout page with a specific product selected. e.g. I have a landing page with a buy now button (using Thrive), which redirects when clicked to the MarketPress checkout page with the product already set.
2. Once a sale occurs for the specific product, can I have the user redirected to a thank you page specific to that product. e.g. I purchase a black book, then I complete the checkout, then I am redirected to an upsell page to buy a red book.
3. I noticed the shortcodes have been created with designs, is there a way to change the designs of the shortcodes? e.g. Add to Cart button is styled with a blue button.

May have some more questions as I test capability. But I'd appreciate help on how to to do this as it is important for a sales marketing funnel and how I need to setup my site.