Marketpress sidebar is not displaying on store pages

I searched the MarketPress “documentation” and there’s not one mention of the word sidebar and no information about the widgets. Nothing in the forum either.

I’m setting up MarketPress for the first time. I just added a few shop specific widgets to the shop sidebar and saved them. But, it seems to have no effect on the site. On all shop pages, the default blog sidebar with it’s widgets shows up instead.

Is there something more to the setup? Thanks

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Mark,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    MarketPress doesn’t add any sidebars in general, it entirely depends upon the theme on whether a sidebar is supported in page templates, or not.

    If you switch to a theme like TwenteSixteen, you’ll notice sidebars in all MarketPress pages, it won’t be the same for other theme.

    It seems like your site is in maintenance mode, and nor I could notice support access enabled in your website to have a better idea what exact issue you are facing regarding this, and on which exact page you are noticing the issue.

    If the default blog sidebar is loading fine, adding the widgets in the default sidebar should have made it worked, it’s tough to say what’s causing the issue without seeing the site live. Does it work fine, if you switch to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen?

    Could you please grant support staff access so that we can take a closer look. You can grant access from WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access, or check this manual:

    Please let us know once you enable access, so that we could get this sorted. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


  • Mark Russell
    • The Most Well

    All that talk about it working with any theme was apparently wrong.

    You shouldn’t need access to answer a simple questions or point me to some decent documentation, as opposed to what little is listed on the plugin page.

    Would someone please give me the link to the documentation where it says how to add the MarketPress sidebar code to the theme files?

    Edit: Maybe I’m not being clear. I understand how to add custom sidebars, if need be. I’m asking about how this particular plugin works. If this shop sidebar is registered then all I need is the slug and I can add it to my theme. So, maybe I’m just asking what the name of it is.

    Also, yes I suppose I could just add the widgets to the default sidebar. That may be enough since they can be set to only display in the shop.

    What I need most is a more detailed guide to installation than currently exists at wpmudev.

  • Luís
    • Support

    Hi Mark ,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    Firstly sorry if our documentation is not complete or confusing, our Writing team is always working to improve it.

    As my teammate Nithin mentioned, MarketPress doesn’t create or register any sidebar, so, if you have a sidebar called “Shop” or something similar in your site, it was perhaps created by your theme or other plugin.

    If you need help to get the sidebar slug name/ID to use your shop pages, please let us know and also grant support staff access we can give a closer a look and help you in find it. You can grant access from WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access, or check this manual:

    Cheers, Luís

  • Mark Russell
    • The Most Well

    Thank you for finally saying that MP doesn’t create any sidebars.

    I wouldn’t open my sites up to tampering by anyone in the first level of support here because they’ve proven to be so incompetent at providing support in writing.

    Usually, once the issue gets to a real coder, I get a decent answer. But, never before. It’s tiring and makes me avoid using this support forum when possible.

    It makes me wonder why we’re paying so much for this service too. I hope things get better soon.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Mark Russell,

    I do understand you, however, since the support access to your website is still disabled, I’m afraid, what we could check, or provide support regarding this is limited. We don’t make any changes without members permissions via support access too.

    I could notice that the maintenance mode is disabled, and seems like WooCommerce plugin is enabled in your website.

    If you are looking to make use of MarketPress, you’ll have to copy the page.php file in your theme, and rename the file to mp_productlist.php, and add that inside the child theme with the following functions:




    That’s for example the content would be as:

    get_header(); ?>

    <div class="wrap">
    <div id="primary" class="content-area">
    <main id="main" class="site-main" role="main">

    while ( have_posts() ) :


    endwhile; // End of the loop.

    </main><!-- #main -->
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    </div><!-- #primary -->

    </div><!-- .wrap -->


    However, the above is an example template and the content inside page.php would vary from one theme to another.

    If you are looking forward us to provide the correct code formp_productlist.php, then please do enable support access, as mentioned before. I hope the above help, have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile:



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