marketpress sidebar issue

Okay, Marketpress is mainly built for, but not limited to, selling E-Commerce products. In order for my customers to shop efficiently they need to use the sidebar to go directly to the area of products that they are interested in. And not have to scroll through every product on my site. This is very important. If I my customer has an xbox one, then they want to go straight to the sidebar after landing initially on my homepage to go the the xbox one section/category of the site. The problem here is that after they click they click the xbox one link from the sidebar, they get taken to a page that says blog archive at the top and most importantly this page is setup like a traditional blog. The main problem here is that this page needs to look exactly like my store/homepage but just specific to xbox one stuff ect... Can you please fix this really fast. This is holding me back. I'm not a programmer but this issue seems like it shouldn't take longer than a day to fix. This is not and shouldn't be considered as a future request because not fixing this stops me from making money. Your customer support for Marketpress has been excellent so far seeing the major issue we had with the variations and the email situation. But please fix this ASAP. Please. . . Thanks so much.

To keep it short, it (the pages they land on) needs too look identical to the product store, but of course specific to the category of interest. This is very important because as soon as they go to the sidebar and click and then end up on a page that looks like their reading forum threads, I loose customers and my bounce rate rate goes up and hurts my google ranking.

Thank you so much and I know you guys will be excellent as always. Thanks.