marketpress sidebar, not on store/product page on twenty eleven

there doesnt seem to be sidebars on the store/products page using the default twenty eleven theme..

  • DavidM
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    Hi mrmikeman,

    That’s correct, you’ll notice that Twenty Eleven doesn’t have widget areas in the single post listings or pages as well. And MarketPress uses the single post template for its pages so it would act pretty much the same way.

    To get it to include a sidebar, you’d have to create an mp_product.php file in your theme folder, and copy over the contents from the template that has a sidebar (index.php I believe) and edit that to show single post content rather than an index.

    Hope that helps!


  • nomadicsoft
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    Hey all!

    I know this Topic is over a year old but I found it while attempting to get marketpress working right in the twentyeleven theme for a client. In order to fix this I renamed my page.php file to page.php.bak and then copied the sidebar-page.php file and renamed the copy to page.php which corrected my situation.

    Not sure if anyone runs across this anymore but this could help out if anyone hits it.


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