Marketpress: Sidebar shopping cart widget points to parent functions, not child theme functions


I’ve copied mp_show_cart and mp_cart_table functions to child Grid theme functions.php and renamed them wherever they appear in my functions.php. Altering the values in these functions (eg. changing Add to Cart to Add to Basket) correctly shows the altered values on the mp_cart.php page.

However, my sidebar which contains the shopping cart, does not reflect the altered values. If I alter the parent values then the sidebar will show the altered values so it is still pointing to the parent template-functions.php. I am using the Admin Interface to add the sidebar.

How do I get the dynamic sidebar to point to my child functions? Below are some of the values I need to change:

} else if ($type == ‘widget’:wink: {

$content .= ‘<table class=”mp_cart_contents_widget”><thead><tr>’;

$content .= ‘<th class=”mp_cart_col_product” colspan=”2″>’.__(‘Item:’, ‘mp’:wink:.'</th>’;

$content .= ‘<th class=”mp_cart_col_quant”>’.__(‘Qty:’, ‘mp’:wink:.'</th>’;

$content .= ‘<th class=”mp_cart_col_price”>’.__(‘Price:’, ‘mp’:wink:.'</th></tr></thead><tbody>’;